The opening qualification for a missionary is not admire for souls, as we so regularly hear, but liking for Christ. Now, there is a important acuteness for those who thirst a overserious pace beside God.

We are not reinforced for ourselves, but for God - not for provision for God, but for God.

Let me flash out for God. After all, doesn't matter what God may appoint, prayer is the marvellous point. Oh, that I may be a man of prayer!

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Love is enkindled in a flame, and ardency is its existence. Flame is the air which right Christian undertake breathes. It feeds on fire; it can hold out anything instead than a lame flame; but when the close quality is unloving or lukewarm, it dies, frozen and starved to its organ. True worship MUST be aflame.

Revival and evangelism, though absorbedly linked, are not to be astounded. Revival is an education in the Church; evangelism is an turn of phrase of the Church.

Apostolic sermon is not streaked by its beauteous diction, or written material polish, or resourcefulness of expression, but operates in protest march of the Spirit and of energy.

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No man is of all time fully agreed until he has, original of all, been utterly rejected.

The singular saving supernatural virtue is that which casts itself on God for beingness or decease.

Tearless black maria can never be the heralds of the Passion.

God's motivation is sworn to men; God commits Himself to men. Praying men are the vice-regents of God; they do His practise and transport out His policy. Prayer is the sulphurous oral exam of allegiance.

It is healed to get rid of the hypothesis that religious conviction is a event of numinous valiance solely for a few select booze. There are heroes of faith, but religion is not one and only for heroes. It is a substance of spiritual manhood. It is a entity of old age.

Revival comes from eden when epic souls go in the struggle decisive to win or die - or if involve be, to win and die! "The empire of paradise suffereth violence, and the disorderly lift it by yank."

What are Christians put into the world for excluding to do the unachievable in the energy of God.

All the assets of the Godhead are at our disposal!

Prayer and Pains, through with belief in Jesus Christ will do anything.

God loves next to a extreme admire the man whose intuition is exploding next to a dedication for the IMPOSSIBLE.

And before i go a remark from a intensifying for Prayer at the circumstance of the Hebrides betterment on the westward shore of Scotland - Brethren, it is retributive so considerably drool to be waiting for this time period after night, month after month, if we ourselves are not apposite with God. I essential ask myself "Is my suspicion pure? Are my custody clean?"

These are stimulating sentences which we can use to infuse and cause us to come up before almighty God in avid prayer. If that is all they do, they will have achieved a awe-inspiring purpose, because from worship will tumble fruit, of which we have no view at this endowment circumstance.

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