#1 of 7 - The Secrets of Nutrition & Flexibility

"Superfoods" are intrinsically occurring edibles that are troubled with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and phytonutrients at levels that far-exceed the mediocre. Superfoods afford you a buzz, meliorate your body, and trade name you consistency fantastical.


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Sounds crazy, right? Well, it's real. This is not branch of knowledge or theory; it's a real-life, student-tested reality. If you eat a water-dense, plant-based diet next to tons of superfoods, you'll catch sight of flexibleness gains in three days.

Don't pinch my remark for it-just try it!

Below is a order of my popular Superfoods. Buy them fresh-cut or low-temperature dried, and acquisition organic whenever whatsoever.

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Dark leafy vegetables are few of the peak mineral-dense foods on the planet, and waterborne vegetable or up green are even finer (waterborne vegetable habitually have 2-10 modern world more than minerals)

Primary Benefits:

- cogent fountainhead for minerals

- alkalizing effect on the thing (fights acerbic build-up)

- boosts immune system

- flooding in fiber (healthy guts)

- chlorophyl prosperous (cleanses and energizes the body)


Spirulina, chlorella, cereal grass food product extract, wheat grass, kale, parsley, all seaweeds and sea vegetables, chard, and spinach.


The advances in agricultural profession (selective reproduction and heritable engineering) direct correlative to the decrease of the biological process appeal of our foods.

Plants such as corn, soy, and rice-staples of the ultramodern world-are a great basis for calories, but they no longest battalion the biological process thwack they did when our ancestors initial began interior cultivation.

Today, the maximum nutrient-dense foods are what I nickname the primeval plants; the ugly, brown-colored, daunting dry obedient you see in plastic bins at the eudaemonia silage stores.

These are commercial crops, but nutritionally-speaking, they more-closely correspond their ancestors. They clutch a half-size excessive practise to ready (cooking or ontogenesis), but it's all right worth it.

Primary Benefits:

- troubled near cancer-fighting anti-oxidants

- easily fiber-rich

- first-class beginning of bio-available proteins

- low in sugars

- naturally well-balanced

- risky to overeat


Millet, quinoa, amaranth, uninhibited rice, bulgur, benny seeds, up seeds of clover, broccoli, leguminous plant beans, and radish.


Most general public get their fat from inferior, animal-based foods look-alike milk, ghee, cheese, butter, and food. In animals' bodies (and yours), reinforced up toxins similar pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and pollutants are most-often deposited in fat cells. To make holding worse, physical fat likewise contains the disgraceful LDL (bad) sterol that can atomic number 82 to weakened arteries and suspicion illness. No cogitate fat has such a bad reputation!

Foolishly, umpteen those nowadays try to reject all fats when really, they should be avoiding fleshly fats. Plant fats are not simply cracking for you-they are necessary for condition and wellness and MUST be eaten up on a lawful font. Good fat spring you unbroken energy, heals your body, and balances hormones.

Primary Benefits:

- provides fundamental site blocks for the body

- slows sorption of sugars

- enables the thing to hold fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K)

- encourages athletic bowels

- promotes snap of conjunctive tissues (flexibility)

- balances hormones and mood


Raw almonds, benny seeds, helianthus seeds, plant fiber seeds, plant fiber seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, brazil nuts, cashews, nut tree nuts, avocado, coconut, durian, and cold-pressed oils (olive, coconut, hemp, flax, and benny pip are all great).


Yoga students put doughy demands on their body, ofttimes neglecting to replenish their group near nutrient-dense, elemental foods that will support them clean and deep.

Thanks for reading!

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